Day2- thai pants and wot u mong?

Today, I had sure I got up early to head down to the old city of chiang mai to catch a tuk tuk to wot u mong. I hear you say what?! It’s a meditation Retreat temple. I was only visiting but I can understand why. It’s so peaceful (apart from the cockerels crowing away). Monks are everywhere. At the bottom of the grounds theses a lake where you can feed the fish and the pigeons. I bought a book to read up on Buddhism as I actually know very little. On the way out, I met James. He was staying in Thailand until February and had just spent 2 weeks on a meditation retreat. He had mixed feelings about it but said it had certainly made him more relaxed. We got in a taxi and head down to chiang mai City before parting ways.
Later on, I went to the well know sunday walking market. There was food stalls and generally market produce. Tried chiang mai sausage which is amazing. This is where I discovered thai pants. They are so comfy and weigh hardly anything so are the perfect travellers pants. Elephant nature park tomorrow so up early.