Cut and Paste

While keeping a watchful eye on the latest news coming from the military coup in Thailand, I’ve been doing some research into where I’ll be staying.
The first 3 nights in Chiang Mai will be spent in Eco Resort. Its a hostel but not as you know it. Its well decorated and insists it is environmentally friendly. It has a restaurant, gym, free wifi and many other services to make guests feel at home.
I will then be spending 6 nights at the elephant nature park in shared accommodation with other volunteers.
Following one further night at Eco Resort, I’ll be heading to Bangkok to the Rembrandt Hotel for some much needed TLC following a week of hard work with the elephants. This hotel has everything I could ever wish for. Spa, gym, restaurant, room service, 4th floor pool overlooking the city and all its magnificient sights. I cant wait!
There have been some updates to the journal also. Cutting and pasting google maps of the routes I’ll need to take between accommodations. Its still 5 months away but the last few months have flown by. Thailand is very much round the corner.


Cut and Paste

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