Hostels and Hotels

Ventured into Canterbury today and popped down to STA Travel. Thought it was time to book the remaining hostels and hotels for my trip to Thailand.

On arrival in Chaing mai in November, I’ll be settling into a hostel for 3 nights while exploring the city before I move into the Elephant Nature Park for 7 days to look after the elephants. I’ll settle back into a hostel for one final night in Chaing Mai before leaving for Bangkok.

The adventure in Bangkok will be short unfortunately but hopefully one day will be enough to see the sights and sounds before heading back home. I booked a hotel for the last night that has a pool, beautiful views of the city and 4* accommodation. Thought a treat would be in order if i’ve been bathing, feeding and shoveling poop for a week!

Also booked travel insurance and paid the extra so the excess can be wavered if I’m ill while I’m away (*runs around the room touching all the wooden furniture….). One less thing to think about while on my adventure.

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